We make digital memorials easy, reliable and permanent.

You have more important things to do, that is why we make it super-easy for you to create a digital memorial for your life's special events. There is no sign-up, no login, no advertising, completely hassle-free. At the same time, your digital memorial is reliable and secure, and it is available for many generations to come. We use the state-of-the-art Kevacoin Blockchain Technology to permanently preserve your memorials.

Treasure Precious Events with Lasting Memorial
The memorials are permanently stored on Keva Blockchain, cryptograpically secure and tamper-resistant. More importantly, there is no single one point of failure!
Powerful Distributed Storage
Keva blockchain has a distributed database which is powerful and flexible. It is easy to store and retrieve data, and has a much higher capacity than other blockcahins.
Secure Public Database
We don't control the Keva database - it is a public database. The memorial of your loved one stays in a public "digital" land that cannot be claimed by anyone.